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Let’s walk…..  Let’s talk….   In fact if you will join me we’ll do what Jesus and his disciples did very often: they walked and they talked together.  The beauty of Brian McLaren’s new book, We Make the Road by Walking, is that it helps us put the Biblical texts and stories into dialog with all of scripture,with our traditions, with our faith and most certainly our daily lives.  As we “walk the talk” with Brian we’ll even have some great conversations with one another.  

pT hike       McLaren calls his book a “Year-Long Quest for Spiritual Formation, Reorientation, and Activation.”  I might call it a chance to do confirmation all over again.  He suggests we recycle the word “catechesis” which is a kind of partnership or creating learning circles.  In Camas and Washougal I know we have a lot of walking groups.  It would be just as healthy if we create these walking groups journeying together over the landscape of scripture.

     This book can be read in many ways and will probably be read again and again along with the suggested Bible passages for each chapter.  I hope you will consider reading it in a devotional way with one chapter for each week of the year and the four quarters so beautifully shadowing our traditional church year.

      It would be well worth your time to partner in one of those learning circles, or walking groups and share the very thoughtful Engage questions for each chapter.  Invite a friend or neighbor, especially one who has no relationship with a worship community or active faithlife to read the book with you.  Join the Thursday groups, morning or evening in the conference room.

      In addition, we will have monthly mile-post gatherings on the first Sunday between services in the Danielson Hall Conference Room.  We will also schedule quarterly “Queries” so we can ask all the questions and share our journey together.  

      There are many excellent helps included in the book and on-line at Included are suggestions for a worship component and journaling.  I really can’t recommend the book highly enough.             

updated PT on trial

     Most of you know my personal recovery story relating to getting back in shape and moving beyond my second heart attack.  In the past 12 months I have become “The Walking Man,” averaging over 11 miles a day on foot.  You can see why McLaren’s title captured my eye: “We Make the Road by Walking.”  Now I want to share that road with you, reading together and getting spiritually healthy together over this coming year.  And if you want to join me in one of my walks that’s fine too.  We all need the exercise.



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